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We have been on several RV road trips in the US now and wherever we go, we always look for places to hike. Hiking opens up new areas to explore and really allows us to get into the nooks and crannies (literally!) of the landscape. We have been incredibly lucky to have come across some amazing hiking trails. Some of the most unforgettable hikes we have come upon by chance and others, particularly those in National Parks, are rather more well known. All of them, however, are special and memorable.

What makes for a memorable hike?

This is a very subjective issue of course and different people will have different notions of what makes a hike memorable. For me it is coming across something which I had not expected or a fantastic view I would not have seen otherwise. It can also mean that the hike has had challenges which I had not anticipated or encountered previously.

On Angels Landing, one of the most unforgettable hikes in the US

On Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Our list of unforgettable hikes in the US

This is my list of favourite hikes in the US so far. I reserve the right to add to it! These hikes are all in the western US because that is where we have travelled mostly. If you are looking for memorable hikes in Europe, however, take a look at Tour du Mont Blanc.

Unforgettable Hike #1

White Rock Canyon, Arizona

This really is a hike with a difference! We were staying in our RV in Lake Mead just over the state line in Nevada, but Peter had spotted what appeared to be a trailhead as we had driven towards the Hoover Dam the day before. We did not research the hike beforehand, which is why we were so surprised by what we found.

The trailhead is a little south of the Hoover Dam and is not far from the Highway 93.

We followed the trail in a clockwise direction down through the canyon. It is quite rocky and steep in places but very doable. Then the terrain levels out and narrows, becoming a slot canyon…..with water! The trail actually goes through water and there are sandbags to dam it. When we were there it was too deep to go through in walking boots. Off they came! Peter went first and started jumping around. “Is it cold?” I wanted to know. “No, it’s (expletive) boiling hot!” he yelled back. He wasn’t kidding: we were in a hot spring!

We paddled through, getting used to the heat and as we rounded a bend, we heard voices. Then we came upon half a dozen people wallowing in the pools. So we joined them and wallowed! Incidentally, there is no room for any prudishness at this point!

In the hot spring at White Rock Canyon

Wallowing in the hot spring

We stayed for around half an hour and then continued our hike. First though, we had to get out of the hot spring. This involved descending down a 20 foot metal ladder with hot water pouring over us.

Climbing down the ladder at White Rock Canyon

The trail then opens out into a wash and leads down to the Colorado River, before heading back up through the canyon. The incline is much gentler in this direction and the trail less challenging.

Standing at the Colorado River at the bottom of White Rock Canyon

We loved this hike because it was so unexpected and the landscape along by the Colorado River is beautiful. The multi-coloured rocks make for a really scenic walk. In total, the hike is about a 6 mile loop, but with built-in wallow, it took slightly longer than we might have expected. This really is an unforgettable hike!


Unforgettable Hike #2

Pinnacles National Park, High Peaks Trail

Confession time: I had not heard of Pinnacles National Park until a couple of days before we turned up there having noticed it on the map. It is one of the lesser known parks, but it is now imprinted in my brain as having provided one of the most memorable hikes we have undertaken in the US.

We set out from the Bear Gulch Trailhead and hiked up the Condor Gulch Trail, joining the High Peaks Trail. So far, it was scenic, dramatic even when we were in amongst the pinnacles, but at this point it had not joined the ranks of “unforgettable”.

The view of the Pinnacles

View in Pinnacles NP

Then the trail became more challenging with stone footholds built into the rock, almost like a ladder. Fortunately, in this series of narrow, vertical climbs there are also handrails. It was whilst we were scaling one of these ladders that we came upon a condor! It was just sitting there, perched nonchalantly on one of the rocks a short distance away. Awesome!

Climbing on this unforgettable hike in the US

Climbing up a cliff on this unforgettable hike in Pinnacles NP

A condor sitting near the trail

From there we headed down, eventually joining the Rim Trail, which led us to Bear Gulch Reservoir. This is very beautiful, but the best part was that the way out took us through the Bear Gulch Cave Trail. A torch is essential here, but fortunately and (I have to admit) as usual, Peter had one. Down we went into the caves. The trail through the caves is steep and rocky and amazing, with huge rocks balanced overhead. It was quite an Indiana Jones moment!

Into the caves in Pinnacles NP

Balanced rock in the cave

Heading down into the caves in Pinnacles NP


Emerging from the caves in Pinnacles NP

Finally, we joined the Moses Trail and headed back to our camper. This was an interesting and challenging hike, with the added attractions of caves and a condor. A very memorable hike! It is about 6 miles in total.


Unforgettable Hike #3

The Bright Angel Trail in The Grand Canyon

Hiking in The Grand Canyon was always going to be special and it did not disappoint. This is a truly fabulous hike for all kinds of reasons. The sheer size of The Grand Canyon is breathtaking. The views and the landscape are magnificent. Hiking down into the canyon is an experience which will always stay with me.

View down into the Grand Canyon, one of the truly unforgettable hikes in the US

There are warnings at the trailhead not to attempt to hike down to the Colorado River at the base of the canyon in one day, so we had this in mind throughout the hike. The trail is divided into four sections and we thought we would hike the first section and depending how we went, the second section too. Hiking down on the outward journey means that one then has to hike back up! We knew we had to keep something in reserve.

At the start of the one of the unforgettable hikes in the US, the Bright Angel Trail


The path is well maintained and easy underfoot. Switchbacks add to the overall length of the trail, but make the gradient much easier.  We undertook this hike in early November and it was noticeable how the temperature also changed as we went deeper into the canyon. At the top it was cold and I had several layers and a woolly hat; the deeper we went, the warmer it got and more layers came off. This situation was reversed on the return journey of course!

A well maintained trail

A well maintained trail

Switchbacks on the trail

In the end, we hiked well into the third section of the canyon and had our picnic lunch at “Indian Garden”. This is like an oasis, really green and lush. It was quite warm and sunny as we sat and ate. The first section of the trail was quite busy, the second section less so and we barely saw anyone at all on the third section, just a few people climbing up having been camping overnight at the base. We were tempted to carry on to the bottom but heeded the warnings about this and therefore decided to head back up at this point. We did not know what the upward climb had in store for us, but it was always going to be harder climbing up.

On the trail

Indian Garden, green and lush

And it was! The rim of the Grand Canyon is well over 8,000 feet at its highest and altitude is definitely a factor when climbing. It becomes progressively more debilitating the higher one climbs. We were actually fine, but one person who overtook us at a lower level, was clearly in difficulties as we passed him further up the trail. Fortunately, he had support.

On the trail on this fabulous hike

On n the trail in the Grand Canyon

It took us about 2 hours to hike down to Indian Garden, including stops for snacks and photos, and 2 hours 15 minutes to walk back up. I would love to hike down to the river one day and stay in the campsite at the base of the canyon, but that is for another day!


Unforgettable Hike #4

The Wildcat Trail, Monument Valley

Monument Valley view on one of the most unforgettable hikes in the US

An iconic view of Monument Valley on one of the most unforgettable hikes in the US

The Wildcat Trail in Monument Valley is absolutely amazing. The trail goes through some of the most iconic scenery in America. The backdrop has featured in countless films, not to mention the Best Of album by the Eagles. With such a fabulous landscape, this is definitely a hike to remember.

Butte in Monument Valley

In fact, the hike at about 4 miles is quite short, but there is a lot to take in over this stretch.  It is relatively easy for the most part, but a little hard-going in places because of the sand and there is a sharp incline at the end. The views are amazing!

Monument Valley view

Jane in the iconic Monument Valley landscape


Me in monument valley

Unforgettable hike #5

The Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic National Park

The reward for tackling this hike is the opportunity to gaze down into the crater at the top of the cinder cone and walk all the way around the perimeter. It is very different and quite amazing.

However, a fair bit of effort is required to hike the cinder cone in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The trail is not in the main part of the park and therefore there is a drive of several miles to enter the park through a different entrance. The road up to the trailhead is a dirt road of about 6 miles. When we visited, we had to put in even more effort as our campervan did not like the dirt road at all! In the end, we jumped ship and cycled the rest of the way up to the start of the trail. Had I realized that it was uphill all the way, I may not have agreed to this! Having said that, the experience made the effort well worthwhile.

The cinder cone in Lassen Volcanic National Park, another unforgettable hike in the US

Quite a steep trail up!

The first part of the trail up to the actual cinder cone is a gentle incline through open forest; the trail up the cone is steep….very steep. Not only that, it is made of fine, loose cinder so it is like walking through deep, black sand.  However, it is a short sharp climb and whilst hard-going, we were at the top before I expected to be. And then WOW! This is an amazing view like no other.

The crater at the top of the cinder cone on Lassen Volcanic NP

Looking down into the crater

Looking down into the crater

It is possible to walk down to the base of the crater

A view of the crater at the top of the cinder cone

The crater at the top of the cinder cone and the view of the landscape

Fabulous views over the surrounding countryside from the top of the cinder cone


Unforgettable Hike #6

Through the Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is one of my absolute favourite National Parks. Gazing into the Canyon from Sunset Point for the first time is breathtaking: row upon row of brightly coloured hoodoos as far as the eye can see. It does not look like anything else on planet Earth.

The view over the hoodoos from Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park

The view from Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park

What I had not realized at this point is that it is also possible to actually hike in amongst the hoodoos. Had to be done!

Jane and Thor's Thumb

Posing with Thor’s Thumb!

We started at Sunset Point and hiked the Navajo and Peekaboo trails, tagging on the Queen’s Garden and finishing at Sunset Point – about six miles in total. It is reasonably challenging as there is so much up and down, but the scenery is absolutely spectacular. It was very special to “hike the hoodoos”, yet another fabulous hike!

On the trail in Bryce Canyon

On the trail in Bryce Canyon

In Bryce Canyon

In amongst the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon

In amongst the hoodoos!

Looking at the hoodoos

On the trail in Bryce Canyon

View of "The Queen's Garden"

“The Queen’s Garden”

Unforgettable Hike #7

Zion National Park, Angels Landing

The guidebook says this trail is “not for the fainthearted”: they were not wrong. People have died on this trail over the years. However, it is one of the most memorable (and strenuous) hikes which we have undertaken in the US.

It is a steep climb up for the first couple of miles with lots of switchbacks, but the path is smooth and well maintained. This part is just a hard slog.

On Angels Landing in Zion NP

The latter section of the trail, however, is a real clamber and requires climbing along narrow ledges with huge drop-offs. Sometimes there is a chain to cling on to, sometimes not.


Climbing up Angels Landing in Zion NP

On Angels Landing

This is risky enough, but the main hazard on the day we tackled it was the sheer number of people trying to hike the trail. It was impossible for two people to pass in some sections, but folk were unwilling to give way or to wait in some cases. We saw people taking incredible risks. The elevation at the top is 5790 feet so one false move and there are no second chances. I must confess though that one of the reasons this is such a memorable hike for me is this element of danger.

Steep drop-offs on Angels Landing

Another reason, of course, is that the views from the top, right across Zion National Park, are spectacular. It is one of the most unforgettable hikes we have tackled in the US.

The view from the top of Angels Landing

The view from Angels Landing makes this one of the most unforgettable hikes in the US


Angles Landing View

Looking down from Angels Landing


Top Tip: If these hikes in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park have whetted your appetite for hiking in Utah, why not check out Best Hikes in Utah: 21 Epic Hikes to add to your Bucket List 

Unforgettable Hike  #8

The Rings Loop Trail, Mojave Desert

The Rings Loop Trail is another amazing hike which we just came upon by accident. We were staying at the Hole in the Wall Campsite out in the Mojave Desert and the trailhead for this relatively short (one mile) hike starts near the campsite.

The first part of the trail is an easy desert path with scenic views.

Start of the Ring Loops Trail

It then goes through rocks and cliffs where erosion has resulted in millions of holes, creating an incredible climbing wall effect.

Holey rock

Holey Rock view

This leads into a canyon, out of which there is just one route – which actually does not look like a route at all: it is a narrow, vertical channel! And to assist one in climbing this channel, a series of rings have been embedded into the rock!

Climbing up the trail

Rings in the wall

I must admit, when I saw this I wondered if I would have to re-trace my steps. Was I really dexterous enough to manage this?

Climbing up the rings

Well I did, and I suppose that is one of the reasons The Rings Loop Trail is one of my most memorable hikes!

Looking down the climbing route

Looking back down the trail after I had climbed up!


So many fabulous hikes!

I could easily add to this list of memorable hikes (another post is already being drafted!) and I am certain that anyone reading this will be thinking “But what about…? Or “I can’t believe she hasn’t mentioned….” in a post about unforgettable hikes in the US!  If so, please share! We are always on the lookout for new places to explore.

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Unforgettable Hikes in the US

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  1. Jane! An awesome account. This is an excellent read describing your extraordinary hikes in US. Man, you two are fit! The photographs and descriptions, in some cases, are mind blowing, terrifying ????

    • Thanks so much Anne. It is something we love doing, but we’re not that fit! We take our time.

  2. Such amazing pictures from these fabulous hikes, Jane! The landscape on the Rings Loop Trail reminded me of the cave mountains in Cappadocia, Turkey. What an interesting find, I had no idea we had that here! I’m not much of a hiker, so I truly appreciate you sharing these beautiful views with your readers 🙂

    • Thank you for reading Lynn. It is fabulous when you come across these places so unexpectedly. Now Googling Cappadocia….!

  3. What a great list Jane! I know what you mean about memorable hikes. We have the same point of view.

    Love all the hikes you listed here esp the hoodoos and cinder come hike.

    • Thanks Jane. Yes, hiking is our thing!

  4. This the US I want to see when I get back there. These hikes are so inspiring. Think I would pass on the Zion National Park, those trails look scary as hell. Bryce and Monument Valley would certainly be top of my list. Your photos throughout were exemplary too. Good to see you back with a blog.

    • Thanks John. Bryce and Monument are phenomenal, but please don’t neglect Zion on account of the Angels Landing hike: there is plenty to see and it is spectacular. I think a pass system may well be introduced for Angels Landing before long and that will make it safer. Thank you for reading.

  5. I remember being at Bryce with J, but we could not do the hike because she was pregnant at the time. That was disappointing, and this reminds me how disappointing it was!

    • Well you will just have to make a return trip Will. It must be time!

  6. Wow – so many incredible hikes and experiences! And stumbling upon those hot springs would have been such fun … even though others had also found them ???? Will be saving this post for future reference and future travels xxx

    • Thank you Shelley. I think we are of the same mind about hiking and exploring!

  7. Hey Jane, Sue finally shared your blog with me. Great job! We have done a lot of the same hikes. We are so bummed we won’t be seeing you and Peter at Tiger Run this year. Best of luck to you. Stay safe!

    • Thanks Scott. We are gutted too, but hopefully we be allowed to visit the USA before too long. Enjoy TR!

  8. I loved this blog, for all the hikes included in the blog and thinking back to some of my experiences with these hikes. Awesome job on Angel’s Landing, one of my favorites ‘extreme hikes’. Thxs for introducing me to The Rings Loop Trail, Mojave Desert – that’s immediately been added to the bucket list.

    • I think Angel’s Landing has special significance for you!

  9. Amazing! And seeing that condor in Pinnacles NP must’ve felt so surreal. How lucky you were.


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