Lochnagar, one of the best hikes in Scotland

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Summit of the Lochnagar hike showing the stone cairn

Our recent hike up Lochnagar turned into one of the best hikes we have tackled in Scotland. The fabulous weather with which we were blessed certainly went some way towards cementing this view, but the landscape around Lochnagar would be spectacular in any conditions.

The route we took was about 12 miles and was quite strenuous. I did question the wisdom of attempting this hike at the time as Peter had only recently recovered from Covid, but he was determined and the conditions were perfect. In the event he was fine, but we were both shattered by the end. Jasper, our border collie, on the other hand, was still full of beans and ready to go again!

Where is Lochnagar?

Lochnagar is in the Grampian Mountains of Aberdeenshire and is part of the Cairngorms National Park. More precisely it is in the Balmoral estate in Royal Deeside. (See map below.)

We stayed in Ballater, the nearest town to Balmoral. Balmoral was, of course, Queen Elizabeth’s holiday home in Scotland. I believe the Queen was in residence when we hiked Lochnagar, but we didn’t see her! As we were in our motorhome, we stayed in the caravan park (details below). The town of Ballater is very picturesque and we enjoyed wandering around, although places to eat were quite limited.

What is Lochnagar?

Lochnagar, also called Beinn Chiochan, is a Scottish mountain. The highest point is Cac Carn Beag. At 1,155m it is a Munro. In fact, it is one of 5 Munros on the mountain which form a horseshoe around Loch Muick. A Munro? A Scottish mountain which is at least 3000 ft (914.4m)Some people tackle the whole horseshoe and all 5 Munros in the one day.  We just took in the one! The mountain takes its name from Lochan na Gaire, the deep pool of dark water lurking below the sheer cliffs in the north east corrie.

View on Lochnagar over tarn on possibly the best hike in Scotland


Our hike on Lochnagar

Up to the trail head at Glen Muick

We took our scooter from Ballater up to the Spittle of Glen Muick and parked in the large carpark there. Jasper still goes in his box on the back of the scooter for short journeys, which means we don’t have to take the motorhome.  It is about 13 km from Ballater and the road is quite twisty and narrow.

Heading up

We decided to take the anti-clockwise loop up Lochnagar. The first part of the hike across the bridge from the carpark is relatively flat and the trail heads towards a couple of houses where there is a marked path through some woodland. There is a stream with stepping stones and then begins the long steady climb up.

Start of the hike up Lochnagar, best hike in Scotland

Lochnagar walk, view at the start

We met no one on this stretch at all. The trail is very obvious. It would have been impossible to get lost on this route in these conditions, even for me! The terrain on the Lochnagar hike varies from rocky to sandy most of the way, but as it becomes steeper, there is a constructed stone path.

Pup on sandy path on Lochnagar, best hike in Scotland

Jasper on Lochnagar

Dog on hiking trail on Lochnagar

Constructed path on Lochnagar walk

The Ladder

Eventually we reached “The Ladder”, a steep bouldery slope which looks daunting, but actually is not that difficult. Our pup thought it was great fun to make like a mountain goat and race on ahead! You can just see him waiting patiently in the picture below.

The Ladder, boulder slope, on Lochnagar walk

The Ladder leads to a plateau at the south-east corner of Lochnagar’s great corrie. It was here that we first encountered other hikers. By this time we were hungry so stopped for lunch before completing the trail up to the summit of Lochanagar, Cac Carn Beag. Parts of the trail on this final stage to the summit are quite steep and have been stepped.

View on Lochnagar over tarn on possibly the best hike in Scotland

The Summit of Lochnagar

It is very definitely worth the climb up Lochnagar. The views from the top are magnificent in every direction and this is why I think Lochnagar is a contender for the best hike in Scotland. There were a few other people around when we reached the summit, but actually, given the wonderful weather, we were surprised how quiet it was. Jasper did his usual King of the Castle pose on the top, of course!

View on Lochnagar hike

Summit of Lochnagar

Jane on summit of Lochnagar

Jasper posing on top of Lochnagar

Jasper at summit of Lochnagar

View from summit of Lochnagar on the best hike in Scotland

Summit of Lochnagar, the best hike in Scotland

Heading down

The trail down to complete the loop on Lochnagar is just as spectacular. It is very steep to begin with (I missed my footing and took a tumble at one point) but the steepest parts have steps, which certainly help. The trail becomes gradually flatter and easier as one descends. A significant stretch of the trail follows alongside the river, which is very picturesque and proved great for doggy swims!

Steps on Lochnagar trail

The waterfall along the way is beautiful. Walking up to the waterfall by taking the clockwise route around this loop would be another great hike in itself, especially if time is limited.

Waterfall on Lochnagar

Along the shore of Loch Muick

Loch Muick comes into view at the bottom of the trail, but to compete the loop, it is necessary to walk most of the length of the loch, round the far end and then beyond to reach the carpark.

Loch Muick on Lochnagar

Loch Muick on the Lochnagar hike

This part of the walk is very flat and the track is easy – thankfully! We were both really tired by this time and I must admit I found this last part of the hike quite a hard slog. We were grateful to get back to the carpark and the trusty scoot.

The whole hike up Lochnagar took about 7 hours, including time for admiring the view, taking photos, letting Jasper swim in the river and a picnic.

An OS map of the route we took can be found on Walk the Highlands. 

The best hike in Scotland?

Impossible to say! We have hiked a fair bit in Scotland over the years but not as much as some people who have been out bagging Munros every weekend since Billy Connolly was in short trousers. The conditions on the day also count for a lot in the hiking experience. I reserve the right to find a better hike, therefore, at any point in the future, but for now, the Lochnagar hike is right up there with my other favourite: The Storr on Skye.  

Where we stayed: the Ballater Caravan Park

We stayed at the Ballater Caravan Park, which caters for caravans, motorhomes and tents.  It is very well located: in close proximity to the river and the golf course and within walking distance of the town. The toilet block was scrupulously clean when we were there and very well appointed. The dump stations and water points are really accessible. The campsite as a whole was very tidy and well maintained. I would definitely recommend it as a place to stay. If I was being in the slightest bit picky, I would say that although it is situated in spectacular countryside, the site itself is a bit featureless, everything in rows with lots of fences. It is, however, a great site.

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  1. What a fabulous looking hike. That scenery is incredible. I really must get back to Scotland but I never seem to be blessed with such good weather as you were. Looks like your dog had a fabulous time.

    • Always!

  2. What a gorgeous hike! The views from the top of the mountain, lake and surrounding area are stunning! Makes a tough hike worth it on top of the great weather. The ladder portion would be hard on my knees but I’d be up for the challenge!

    • Going up was fine. I honestly think it would be harder going down!

  3. The stark beauty of Scotland!. Very impressed with your husband for hiking 7 hours so close to a COVID recovery

    • He was determined!

  4. A 7-hour hike just after recovering from COVID?! Wow, that’s beyond impressive!

    The waterfall is absolutely stunning, though that bouldery slope would’ve probably made me turn around 😉 Great pics and tons of great detail!

    • Thanks Lynn. The bouldery slope as not as bad as it looked. Honestly!

  5. Sounds like a great hike! That waterfall is especially beautiful. I like how you mentioned not seeing the Queen because I definitely tried to imagine her scrambling up the Ladder! Lol

    • It does conjure up a wonderful picture!

  6. These views are so rewarding for a 12-mile hike! Lochnagar looks like the best hike in Scotland. And those boulders do look daunting but fun.

  7. Wow, this looks like a gorgeous hike! I’m so ready to visit Scotland. Definitely in the next 2 years.
    This hike looks right up our alley.
    Thank you for posting this, Jane. It inspires me even more!
    Also, kudos to Peter for accomplishing an ambitious hike right after Covid. 😳

    • Hope you get to visit soon, Julie. Peter had planned this hike for a while and was absolutely determined that he was going to do it!

  8. Well done to Peter for having made such a quick recovery, Jane, so pleased to see this. Jasper still seems to be the same furry ball of energy as always. We had only heard about Lochnagar but never been. What a beautiful mountain and amazing views. The Ladder looks like quite a challenge.

    Just put this on the list. Fingers crossed the weather will be better on our next Scotland trip. Last time around we weren’t able to do any hiking because of heavy thunder storms. 🙂

    • Jasper just keeps going and is always up for more, Stefan. I think you would love Lochnagar so I hope you get some better weather next time. I recall climbing Snowdon when a thunderstorm struck unexpectedly. Fortunately it passed quickly, but the following day, a woman was struck by lightning and had to be carried down. Not worth risking.

  9. Scotland is so beautiful. The landscape is very unique. I’ve always wanted to visit!

  10. I can’t get over these amazing views! That’s definitely a hike I would enjoy 🙂

  11. So many things to see in Scotland! Would love to visit Lochnagar one day!
    P.S. Your pup is super cute 🙂

  12. Mindblowing hike! You got such stunning captures! Your pup really led the way. 🙂
    The Ladder climb can be a challenge for hikers who look for easy paths like me 😉

  13. The view of the dark pool from above reminded me of Mount Evans in Colorado. Spectacular! Even though the hike was long, but you got magnificent views going up and down. So, it’s worth it, I would say. I found the waterfall on the way down like a reward along the trail.

  14. What a gorgeous hike. I love that you basically had the entire place to yourselves. Your pup is so cute and I bet he really enjoyed running around the trails. So sorry to hear you missed your footing going down. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself and just a minor bruise or scratch.

  15. 12 miles! Now that’s a toughie. I think I’ve only ever done one hike longer, and I was wrecked I admire you three for giving it a go. Even if it wasn’t much of a challenge for Jasper. Seen as he has 4 legs does that mean he only walked 6 miles?

    • Four paw drive and a turbo charger! Believe me, he did not walk. He ran. Did at least 20 miles back and forth.

  16. What a stunning location for a hike. The scenery looks magnificent. Lakes, waterfalls and sunshine. Perfect.

  17. Lochnagar certainly looks like one of the best hikes in Scotland Jane. The view from the summit is stunning and well worth the effort. Love the photo of Jasper at the top, he looks like he’s having fun. That waterfall on the descent is beautiful and a lovely view to break up the return leg.

  18. Beautiful hike and it looks like you were very lucky on the weather department. I love that waterfall and Jasper’s pose 😀

  19. Great post, as always, Jane! No surprise that Peter did the hike, he is the determined type. I have a few books and maps on the great hikes in Scotland. Hope I can attempt the” Ring of Steale” someday. I hope we get to see the two of you this winter.

    • I hope so too! We have bought the pass and hope to work out details once we see how the RV has fared. So come on over and let’s do the Ring of Steall! We have done a bit of it, but would definitely be up for the whole thing!

  20. The views on this hike up Lochnagar are spectacular, Jane. And what a beautiful day you had to hike it! I love that Jasper is always so full of energy. He must love going on those hikes with you. And I’m glad you’re okay after taking a tumble – those steep hikes can be treacherous.

  21. I love looking at hikes in Scotland – when the skies are blue! Your hike at Lochnagar looks lovely – if strenuous. The climb up was definitely worth the panoramic views.

    • Definitely worth it! Reasonably strenuous, but fine if you just take your time.

  22. I don’t know much about Scotland, but after reading this I want to go! Looks like an awesome hike… and I love your dog’s kind of the mountain pose!

    • He definitely knows how to pose. It is one of his key commands!


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