Welcome to AbFabTravels! Here we share our experiences of travelling and what we learn along the way. AbFabTravels is a website and a blog for people who want to explore, learn and make the most of this fabulous life. Travelling, experiencing different cultures and discovering new places, broadens the mind and encourages one to reflect upon the world. AbFabTravels is not a traditional travel guide, however; there are plenty of official guides written by local experts out there. Rather we will offer personal experiences and insights in order to provide a supplementary perspective. We hope our travel tales and musings inspire you to get out there and explore.


Who are we?

My name is Jane and my husband is Peter. We love to travel and enjoy life to the full. Fortunately our three children are now all grown up, leaving us free to roam.

We live in the Lake District in the north of England, but we lived in Edinburgh in Scotland for many years. We also spent some time in Canada, living in Kelowna in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. 

Whilst we were in Canada, we acquired an RV with the intention of using it to explore North America. We love exploring by camper van and were already established camper-vanners back in the UK. In North America we have a motor bike strapped to the back of the camper so that we can really get into the nooks and crannies of places; we also take mountain bikes and skis. In the UK we have a tiny scooter in the “garage”, along with bicycles. 

Sometimes we travel without a camper van and explore in different ways: a cycling trek in Cambodia, a fabulous tour of China, a trek in Peru over the Salkantay Pass to Machu Picchu. We recently toured Japan by train. 

We love to hike, bike and ski so you will find articles about these activities here. We also like good food and wine so there are articles about these too. And whisky! Living in Scotland for so many years, we have an interest in the amber nectar and write about the distilleries we visit. We love to explore cities, discover art and culture, as well as visiting places of historical interest. The website includes articles on all of these subjects.

We are fans of the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous, where middle-aged Edina and Patsy behave outrageously and enjoy life in their own unique way, but the name was mainly inspired by a more recent documentary in which Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and Joanna Lumley (Patsy) explore the champagne region of France. Our kind of travelling! 

Please let us know in the comments if you have any observations about the website. We’d love to hear from you.